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Seamed crotchless tights
Seamed crotchless tights

Seamed crotchless tights

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Want to stimulate their partner’s imagination and heat the temperature in the bedroom? This extremely sensual pair of tights is the right choice!

The delicate, thin material adheres perfectly to the body, emphasizing all the feminine qualities making every woman feel comfortable. The seam at the back optically lengthens the leg adding sensuality, and not only because it is open! This area is designed with an elastic band on the outer edge to provide enough stretch and is finished with decorative lace and design. Lastly, a fiery red line is located vertically down the length of the leg, drawing your eyes to the main feature… activating the imagination and igniting the senses. Silky tights and invisibly reinforced at the toes of this seamed crotchless tights.