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Welcome to the world of Max Magnus discounts!

Dear customers,
Max Magnus Shop offers you all kinds of discounts.

1. Subscribe!
As a subscriber, you have a 10% discount on your first order.
It is simply to become our subscriber!

Just type in your mail in the pop-up box and click "Get me my discount" button:

If you don't see the box, click at the button in the right upper corner:    

2. Lower prices
It is standard practice that we decrease the price of some products. It is typically written in red color:

3. Discount Code
Discount codes are codes you can use when you order something. After the first step in the ordering process, you will come to the form like in the following example:

Why such discount versatility?
You decide what discount is best for you. You can't use more than one type of discount at the same time.

Max Magnus never stops!