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Fifty shades Eye mask
Fifty shades Eye mask
Fifty shades Eye mask
Fifty shades Eye mask

Fifty shades Eye mask

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Everyone wants to be a little naughty!

The absence of sight heightens our other senses. By introducing an eye mask into sensual play the resulting lack of sight awakens a new range of sensations and feelings. That begins with trust and ends in ecstasy.

Let go of your sight and feel your sense of touch, scent, and hearing heighten. Spice up your ordinary play and delight in the breathtaking sensation of lips against yours, a slick body gliding against your own, and the familiar scent of desire. Slip this beautiful mask over your eyes and delight in your skin’s sensitivity to a whole range of sensations.

The tingles, the shivers, and the breathtaking warmth of a lover’s breath…all are magnified to leave your body buzzing and throbbing with pleasure behind this sensuous lace-trimmed mask.

Surrender your sight and explore a whole new world of electrifying sensation.

  • Double padded, double stitched eye mask with luxurious designer fabric ties.
  • Sensuous lace trim.
  • Safe and pure for body and pleasure.

Made using phthalate-free, non-toxic materials. Polyester. 50 inches total length.