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This Is No 1. Place To Buy Plus Size Lingerie

If you have ever tortured yourself with the where to buy plus size lingerie conundrum, your quest is over now! You should buy plus size lingerie here - at Max Magnus shop.

We dedicated the whole section exclusively to plus size and curvy models! Plus, you can find extra sizes for almost every model we sell.

We know it can be hard to find the right size especially if you wear between straight and curve sizes. Please check out and use our charts to find the exact size for you.

Why is that happening? It is harder for manufacturers to make plus size lingerie due to technical obstacles they have to solve. We are not going into that discussion now. But, that's why you left your lingerie shop along with a feeling of frustration. Right? But not here!

Here at Max Magnus Shop, we put a lot of energy into making a damn good selection of beautiful plus size lingerie items. Come by, make an order, and feel great relief, because you are finally found your lingerie shop.

Now let’s examine some ideas:

Can you feel the gentle touch of floral chemise, already?


Blue fishnet mini dress - just Wow!


green plus size lingerie

An alluring, elegant set that combines lace and emerald fabric.


red plus size lingerie

Delicate and seductive red dress with lace will spread the passion all over the room.


purple plus size lingerie

Luxurious lace bodysuit, hot and elegant at the same time.

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